How to make the most of Your Time in University

Depending on where you live, university can be free or can place you in a long-term debt. If it’s the latter and you’re thinking whether if it’s even worth it, it’s tough. University has its benefits, but the decision can’t be taken lightly. Only you can look at how determined you are to succeed and answer whether it’s truly worth putting yourself in debt for the next 30 years.

life on campusIn any case, this article is specifically targeted at lost Campus souls that either are having too much fun (and they know it) or forgot how to relax.

The reason why you need to study is because every hour you spend solving problems now will translate in exponential monetary (and otherwise) benefits in the future. We’re not talking saving an hour to gain an hour. Many, many times that. But the opposite is true as well. If you play too much of slots for mobiles, you are borrowing time not only from today, but from the future as well.

The reason why you should relax is that it is very likely that these couple of years will be packed with laughter and recklessness (the good kind). You will make mistakes and you will make friends. There is no rush to the grown-up world. If you can do something fun and stupid at 3am on a Wednesday and make a memory out of it, do it.

Who you Are?

As you leave the house of your parents and move to the university campus, your new life begins. More freedom as well as responsibility. That means while no one will be there to check if you did your homework, you will pay the full price for all your shortcomings.

This is also a great time to focus on yourself and get to know YOU.

Looking for Opportunities

Student exchangeUniversities are the hubs for opportunities. If you like books, get to know the library manager. If the university has opportunities to study abroad, take them. If you like the politics of things, join the student council.

Take your health seriously

Parties are great, but now you still have a couple of years of your body developing. Which means it’s easier to lose weight, to gain mass, or simply keep your body in shape. Maybe you can get to know students who are avid body builders or maybe you have a professional on campus?

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