Is the University a Guarantee of a Successful Career?

When examining the end of the science and the final exam period, students will have to decide on the choice to choose – a science test or integration into the labor market. Unfortunately, the latter option is increasingly accompanied by short-term or long-term emigration. By hoping for a better and more comfortable life in the future career, young people choose not only to work abroad but also to study. Later – even survives in a candle lily. All the same, another paradox can be noticed – not everyone completes my dream studies or misses a glimpse – simply trying to stop them.

Therefore, the question arises as to whether truly university education can open the door to career and whether it truly helps to achieve professional growth.

Peculiarities of education and career development

The labor market of the modern world is merciless to the young man – job advertisements on my own and my requirements surprise not only the originality but also the high requirements. It is not surprising, therefore, that a young man strives for a higher education diploma – it has become a mere life, and for employers it is a matter of course. However, whether a well-deserved university education guarantees the dream profession after studying, it is debatable. It may seem a little strange or funny when a job description describes how to get a new employee, such as a salesperson, an advanced bachelor’s degree, and a great deal of work experience.

Ironically, but most likely even after reviewing the described career opportunities after studying and earning a scientific degree, salesman’s career is unexpected. In Lithuania, unfortunately, this is a fairly frequent practice where the conditions imposed by the employer do not correspond to the requirements for the employee’s training. However, it is necessary to take into account the cultural and historical context of each country. For example, in Germany the salary is proportional to the degree of graduation.

So, the more you have silavines, the higher the salary. Unfortunately, this is not the case in all of the other countries. For the same reason, in other countries it is avoided to hire “too many” people who are silent – they do not want to pay higher wages. Therefore, it’s no wonder if the candidates in the job they want are not telling everything about their education or professional development.

University – only for college students

There is a lot of criticism about the idea that university education should only be a privilege for collectors. In the past, not everyone even thought of completing primary or secondary school, and the university found itself as far away and almost inactive in the dream. It was not only necessary to have a head on the pecker, but also to be aware of it. Looking back at how things look like now?

Students are no longer just talented and engaged, but also those who have the money and can afford to pay for studies, in other words, to buy a diploma. How to buy a diploma when you are in your twenties? The simplest way – try casino games! Why is that? Most likely, this acquisition of education for all seems like a good investment for a successful future career. However, even the acquisition of such a higher education diploma can not guarantee the success of the key. I think of a lot of history as a man without any university education or graduation, for example, Bill Gates, I have somehow created or found, and I did a wonderful career for my own personal qualities, which I would not have to realize in the university environment.

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